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No understanding of economic inequality in America is complete without grasping its racial wealth divide. In our annual Scorecard report, we sum it up in one statistic: White households have roughly the same wealth as households of color earning three times as much income.

While that data point is instructive, there are reams of additional, crucial data illustrating the depth of the racial wealth divide. In our series of racial wealth snapshots this year, we picked out the most important facts about economic well-being—such as income, employment, housing and educational attainment among others—and listed them for different racial groups. We also dedicated one snapshot to examining how the racial wealth divide affects women.   

Explore each one: 

African Americans

Our first racial wealth snapshot of the year, in which we include an opening piece for Black History Month by Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, Senior Fellow with the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative. Before diving into wealth outcomes for African Americans, Asante-Muhammad explains how Martin Luther King Jr.’s frustration with the persistence of racial inequality despite civil rights legislation resonates today. Read more

Women and the Racial Wealth Divide

Men and women experience the racial wealth divide differently. While the wealth gap between women of different races mirrors the racial wealth divide generally, women have lower economic outcomes than men regardless of race. Read more

Asian Americans

Our most popular racial wealth snapshot of 2018. The data reveals a varied portrait of wealth in the Asian American community, complicating the “model minority” narrative. Read more

Latino Americans

For Latino Heritage Month, we shared our last racial wealth snapshot of 2018 on Latino Americans, one of the largest and fastest-growing communities in the United States. Read more 

Stay up to date with our work on America’s racial wealth divide by joining the Racial Wealth Equity Network!

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