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Horror films and horror politics with Leslie Lee | @kthalps

[tweet_dis2]Horror films and horror politics with Leslie Lee from @kthalps[/tweet_dis2]

Bonus on this spooky episode, we celebrate Halloween with Leslie Lee by chatting about scary movies and the greatest horror story of all, which would be Hillary Clinton running for president in 2020. Leslie talks to us about being a black raver, knowing white ravers who dressed up as stereotypes of “ghetto” Black people for Halloween being called white for having Leftist politics. Plus we discuss gay horror movies, the radical politics of “The Purge” movies, Bill Clinton’s book, and why it kills off the first lady. Gabe does a great Bill Clinton impersonation! Stand by for our bonus on where we talk about the film Mandy, hippy-punching, Linus Roache’s penis, Ronald Reagan and whether we’d rather be stuck on a desert island with him or Donald Trump.
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