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Progressive Policies Are Racist N' Stuff | @WineCellarMedia

[tweet_dis2]Progressive Policies Are Racist N’ Stuff by @WineCellarMedia[/tweet_dis2]
The first rule of police fight club is that you should totally get caught doing police fight club.  …of course.  Hey Gang.  We also have a short list of stories compiled by Phoenix Calida (@UppittyNegress on the twitter).  We have our short breaks.  1. With Nina Turner reppin’ for #HoodProgressives on CNN.  2. With MJ Rodriguez talking about trans employment in cis-sexist entertainment.  We have a Black serial killer with Black victims. Canada is getting their deportation on with that DNA game..  Bernie Sanders is doing something that would help poor Black people, so of course, Imani (@AngryBlackLady) Gandi thinks it’s racist because only middle class and #RichBlackLivesMatter
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