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At the 2018 I’M HOME Conference, I was proud to share the good work happening in Oregon to preserve, repair and replace manufactured housing. This type of housing is crucial to supporting the affordable housing needs of Oregonians identified by Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS), the state’s housing finance agency where I serve as an assistant director

Oregon has 80,000 manufactured housing units which are past their life expectancy, meaning they were built before 1980. As an important source of affordable housing statewide, the preservation and replacement of these units is a high priority for Oregon. OHCS has stepped up in two exciting ways to provide Oregonians opportunities to preserve manufacture homes.

First, recent legislative changes allow people who need to repair or replace their manufactured homes to access the Oregon Individual Development Account (IDA) matched savings program.

The IDA initiative offers clients the opportunity to save for a defined goal while receiving support and training from initiative partners (such as home buying education or business plan development), and coaching as they shift their financial habits. When clients reach their savings goal and meet benchmarks of their plan, they are often matched with three dollars for every dollar saved to purchase their home, pay for education and fund a small business or other asset.

Second, partners of OHCS energy programs have designed three new incentive programs to create a funding platform that replaces pre-1980 manufactured homes:

  • PGE/Pacific Power allows weatherization funds up to $20,000 to replace pre-1980 units.
  • Energy Trust of Oregon has an incentive for unit replacement (tiered up to $15,000).
  • Bonneville Power Association’s weatherization funds (up to $75,000) can go towards replacing pre-1980 units.

Currently, this platform is being utilized in two pilot projects in Portland and Roseburg. We are excited about the potential impact of this investment!

OHCS also continues to work with our Community Action Partners to weatherize manufactured homes. In 2017 alone, 670 units were weatherized through this partnership.

If you are interested in our progress and our state manufactured home inventory as a whole – check out our amazing new database helping us focus our work in the areas that need it most. This tool tells us where every manufactured home is, who owns it, square footage, age of unit, value, number of bedrooms, utilities in use and more.

Want to stay up to date with our work and the latest news in the manufactured housing space? Join the I’M HOME Network! 

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