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Thousands of protesters persevered through finger-numbing weather at Washington, D.C.’s Freedom Plaza for the third annual Women’s March. Adorned with pink “pussy hats” and handcrafted picket signs, an estimated 10,000 gathered to march, rally and lend their ears to select speakers. This year’s protest, deemed the #WomensWave, takes strong issue with the Trump administration while encouraging women to exercise their political rights.

The movement, which prides itself on inclusivity, recently came under scrutiny after accusations of anti-Semitic remarks and connections to black nationalist Louis Farrakhan by some of the Women’s March leaders were brought forward. Despite these allegations, the movement continued to speak on the importance of diversity and inclusivity when it comes to  religion, race, gender and sexual orientation. Such ideals remained a key aspiration espoused by speakers and march-goers alike. Nevertheless, protesters had varying opinions on how close the Women’s March was to achieving this goal.  

The women depicted in the photo essay give a multidimensional voice to the wide spectrum of issues and goals the Women’s March represents while turning a critical eye to the faults of the movement.

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Clara Romeo

Editorial Assistant

Originally from California, Clara Romeo graduated with honors from Howard University in Washington, D.C. She now works towards her masters in public policy at Georgetown University. She is honored to be a part…

Clara Romeo

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