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Primary challenger Ocasio-Cortez vs. Old Boy Network | @kthalps

[tweet_dis2]Primary challenger Ocasio-Cortez vs. Old Boy Network from @kthalps[/tweet_dis2]

Bonus chat: I talk to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about why she’s running for Congress, how her personal story as a child of Puerto Rican parents influenced her politics, what she’s running for and why her opponent, who writes op-eds about his Irish America pride, accuses her of making the election “about race.” Plus she talks about the amazing candidates being supported and recruited by Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress, and Democratic Socialists of America. Gabe & and I talk about Anthony Bourdain, his hatred of Henry Kissinger, and his commitment to social justice and human rights not just for “Americans” but for… wait for it… Palestinians. And Gabe and I talk about another tragic suicide: Marco Antonio Muñoz who died in a Texas jail after being separated from his wife and three-year-old son. The family had fled Honduras after the wife’s brother had been killed. The apparent suicide (though it’s not clear he wasn’t killed) sheds light on the new zero tolerance policy around immigration. How much of a departure is Trump from other presidents on immigration, though? Alexandria and I discuss this in the bonus episode.
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