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Headlines for July 19, 2019 | @democracynow

Headlines for July 19, 2019 from @democracynow
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Speaking from Capitol Hill Thursday, Congressmember Ilhan Omar accused Trump of “spewing his fascist ideology onstage.” She later flew home to her district in Minnesota, where she was greeted at the Minneapolis airport by scores of supporters chanting “Welcome home, Ilhan!”

Rep. Ilhan Omar: “And when I said I was the president’s nightmare, well, you’re watching it now, because his nightmare is seeing a Somali immigrant refugee rise to Congress. … We are in the ring. We are in the people’s house. And we are going to continue to keep fighting until we have the America we know we all deserve. Thank you.”

Later that evening, Congressmember Omar tweeted, “Home sweet home.” On Thursday, the chair of the House Homeland Security Committee asked the Senate’s sergeant-at-arms, who also chairs the Capitol Police Board, to enhance security for “certain targeted members.” We’ll have more on President Trump’s latest racist remarks after headlines.

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